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Get Professional Help for Your Comparative Essay

Writing a comparative essay could be a fun activity for any student. They get to choose the topic themselves, analyze the chosen objects thoroughly and present their analysis in a creative and detailed manner. No student is alien from essay writing; it is something that has always been a part of the academics and this is why you need to be really good at it.

However, what if you cannot do the essay perfectly? We are not saying that you do not have the skills of writing a good comparative essay but, we are talking about the possibility that you may come across. It is quite common for the most brilliant of students to fall short of what they actually want to convey through their work.

Constraints could be anything like a shortage of time, overlapping of multiple deadlines, personal commitments, etc. due to which the writer is unable to submit the work on time or cannot submit a top-class essay.

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How Do We Write Your Comparative Essay

Developing content for any essay requires focus and research. Each research and the essay question is different and requires a different work approach. However, developing content for a comparison and contrast essay could be all the more difficult and time-consuming.

Since you are dealing with two objects and topics, you will have to analyze them both and identify the relationship between them.

When writing the comparative essay for you, our writers take care that they analyze your chosen topics in detail and present substantial arguments and evidence to back their claims. A compare and contrast essay is about examining the two events, books, objects or people, whatever the topic of your essay, and explaining the things that relate them.

This is why writing a compare and contrast essay requires skill and focus to identify the things that are common among them as well as the things that make them unique.

To develop a strong comparative essay, our expert writer takes care of the following parts of the essay::

1. Creating a Detailed Outline

A good essay starts with a strong outline. Before working on your compare and contrast essay, the writer writes an outline for it. The outline includes all the details related to the points of comparison that he is going to add to the essay. The basic essay structure includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

By creating an outline, the writer knows about the information that he wants to add in the essay and sticks to it.

2. Analyzing the Essay Question

Analyzing the question, the essay topic is essential before starting writing the essay. The topic could be anything like analyzing the similarities between the two topics, tracing the differences between the topics or covering both aspects.

There are some topics that will not include presenting the points that differentiate them from each other and there are fair chances that your teacher has instructed about it. Therefore, before starting, the writer makes sure that he understands what your essay topic is about.

3. Making the Complete Comparison List

A comparison essay is all about adding and discussing strong and relevant points of comparison. But, before starting, it is better to make a list of the points that you are going to add to the essay. These points include the points of comparison and contrast, both.

Besides coming up with good ideas for your essay, they are qualified to help you with the writing and delivering of your comparative essay.

4. Preparing the Introduction for your Essay

Besides choosing the right and interesting compare and contrast essay topics, a strong essay introduction is no less than a backbone for your essay. No one is going to read your essay if the introduction is lame, not even your teacher.

This is why our expert writers work hard on creating a memorable and impactful introduction for your essay. A good introduction does not mean that the writer will present all the main points here. No, he will not. He will only give relevant background information and guide the reader further.

5. Creating the Thesis Statement

An essay’s thesis statement is something on which the entire essay is based. These two or three lines will determine whether the reader will continue to read or not. It is a deciding factor for the readers and your chance to hook them into your essay.

Our writers know the importance of a good thesis statement and they work hard to create a compelling statement for your essay.

6. Working on the Body Paragraphs

The body of your essay is the central part of your work. This is where you will add all the important points and arguments of your essay. It will include point by point details of the ideas that the writer has gathered and wants to add in the essay.

As far as its length is concerned, this depends on the number of ideas and scope of the essay. Usually, three paragraphs are added but you can add as many ideas and paragraphs as it is relevant. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence that is then discussed in the paragraph.

7. Making a Strong Conclusion

A strong conclusion is as important as a strong introduction and thesis statement. It is the closure of an essay and the last chance of creating an impact and leave the readers wondering about the topic. It restates the thesis statement and the main idea of the essay and presents the result and whether the presented arguments have answered the main essay question.

Working with 5StarEssays

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