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Hiring a paper writing service to help you with your academic writing or custom writing isn’t always easy. It can be challenging to find the perfect resource who can partner with you and guide you through to completion (including doing some revisions and proofreading and editing).

This is true no matter what reason you may have for needing to get papers online. You might be a high school student who needs a term paper, or a graduate ready for college or university classes or admission. You could even be a business or writing professional who needs help to keep up with your many goals.

5StarEssays seeks to be just this kind of supportive writing service. We offer academic or essay writing or can produce any of a number of other types of projects.

But one thing is clear: 5StarEssays is much more than an online paper mill or a cheap writing service.

Over our many years of success, we’ve repeatedly been recognized as a top performing contract site that goes well beyond what other web-based resources provide. This is why we have earned our five star recognition. And it is why we stand apart from our competitors.

Below are the features that set us apart …

Essay Writing Service That Makes Your Life Easier

One of the first differences between us and other academic writing services is that we never provide packaged or cut and paste content; projects produced by us for you are custom written. Every agreement we make with our clients, starting with our online order form, is made with confidence that the result will be the creation of a professional paper, written by our skilled essay writers. They all pass plagiarism scans and are created to conform to your project requirements. “Canned” essays you buy elsewhere do not meet these standards.

Our purpose is to move you towards your educational, learning or business goals. The final product you receive contains original content designed for your needs. We produce papers for high school and college or university requirements. Many graduate students and business professionals call upon us too for help.

The secret of making papers of five star quality comes with understanding what it takes to tell an honest and authentic story. 5StarEssay writers are aware of this and have the skills to ensure the timely delivery of all that we promise.

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Our essay writers do more than write someone else’s project. They write essays, do book reviews, prepare bibliographies, create case studies, summarize assigned reading content, even produce argumentative essays that match our client’s request. We consider ourselves to be a member of our client’s team and that motivates us to write more directly towards their satisfaction. It is our job to produce the material our clients -- YOU! -- pay for when you tell us to “write my essay” in a certain way, within a certain timeframe.

Essay writers for hire

Every one of our professional essay writers is a U.S.-based native English speaker who writes with American and English vernacular and colloquialisms. The finished essay you receive will never read awkwardly or indicate that it was written by some off-shore essay “mill.”

Our clients are from every part of the world. But neither that nor the team of experts we maintain makes us an offshore essay mill.

Our clients are often America-based or are studying in schools that expect narratives written in understandable and appropriate English. We screen our expert writers to make sure that they are skilled writers who are familiar with current idioms and grammar formats. It is important for them to be sensitive to local or regional phrases that are used in routine conversations. This and the fact that our writers and support team are experts in many subjects makes sure the papers we prepare are authentic and of high quality.

Awkward or unusual language usage in a school paper can cause problems for students. Our goal is to avoid these perceptions while assisting our clients. This is a critical part of what it means to be known for your outstanding custom papers.

Affordable Essay Writing
Essay Writers for Hire

Besides being a quality writing project, 5StarEssays emphasizes the timely completion of our commitment. Once you have shared your assignment with us and accepted the terms, which includes paying 50% of the quoted fee, your project is assigned to a compatible writer. They start working quickly. You can use your service platform to monitor the process. But you will never be asked to pay more until the document is completed and delivered to you -- steps that showcase why we are really an affordable essay writing service.

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Grammar, footnoting, source citations, and proper formatting count towards the making of perfect papers. These elements are important for all kinds of written items, whether they are needed for schools, business, or other requirements -- they are all aspects of what a professional writing service does.

This is why we promise that our work will be error-free and properly formatted. Revisions that might be required are free and completed rapidly, usually within the noted deadline. Clients can be reassured of this by speak with us via our online chat service 24/7 -- a companion protection with our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

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No hidden charges

Trust and honesty is critical to our business. We make sure that there are never any unexpected costs, added on fees, or surprise charges. You are billed what we each agreed to at the beginning and seek to stay with our quoted price.

Guaranteed Delivery Time

Great and hardworking writers do what is expected when it is expected. To 5StarEssays, that means respecting your deadlines. Our writers start immediately on confirmed projects. They know that if they do not do their job, you don’t pay and your happiness is paramount.

Guaranteed Delivery Time
100% money back guarantee

Our 100% money back guarantee helps us earn five star ratings. Our clients pay half of the price at the beginning and the final half once the work is completed and approved. If needed, we do offer unlimited revisions and content editing under your guidance. But this added convenience just supplements the high-quality standards we reach for in the first place.

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You found us (most likely) because you were seeking a quality academic writing resource. We’ve found that 5StarEssays regularly achieves that level of success, and we think you will agree. This is the heart of the promises that we stand behind and expert our essay writers to live up to.

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Finding online essay writing that meets your expectations -- and that maintains professional standards -- is tough. That is why we created 5StarEssays and why we fight to keep it at that level. We are confident in the academic writing service we offer. We know what it takes to produce high-quality work. But that also means that we charge accordingly.

It takes extra steps and care to produce essays quickly and consistently. Most of those we work on are done in 24 hours to over a few days. The online form and submission processes we created make it easy to secure our services and show the care we take. Our pricing is based on this and ensures that we remain a top-notch online writing service.

You can find less expensive competitors -- or you can just download prepackaged papers -- but you will be hard pressed to find a better writing team that is on your side. Cheap writing will likely end up costing you more in the long run. That is not what happens with us … and we guarantee it with a 100% Money Back reassurance.

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