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What are the Key Elements of a Press Release - Know Here

Elements of Press Release

Writing a press release but not sure about its key elements? Writing a press release is different from writing other kinds of papers and documents. Knowing about the press release elements is a part of how to write a press release process, and it is crucial for writing it.

This is one of the elements used by organizations to announce new releases and get their news published through the media.

However, writing a good press release could be both difficult and tricky. These are different kinds of business communication, and the students enrolled in media sciences major get them as their assignments.

Press releases help the journalists identify the news that is for ‘immediate release’ or is to be released on a specific date.

In this blog, we have explained the key elements of writing a great press release.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a written or recorded communication used to announce something important about the company. Generally, the press release is mailed, faxed, or sent by post to the newspapers, magazines, radios, television shows, and online media.

The main purpose of a press release is to grab attention, make the news, and gain publicity. A press release is effective and helpful because it is an economical marketing tool that costs nothing and could get your corporate message to the audience.

They outline the major facts of the news and inform the reader about the whole story.

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What are the Elements of a Good Press Release?

Press releases are used to share news about your organization, but a good press release is incomplete without a proper format and key elements. However, many consider it an old method since it is the age of social media. Thus, a well-crafted and compelling press release could be quite helpful.

However, writing a press release goes beyond putting the facts and details on paper. Reporters and viewers could have a different idea about what is newsworthy. This is why you must write the news according to the viewers’ perspective.

Below are the main elements of a successful press release.

  • A Compelling Title

    The title is the most important part of the press release. If it is not catching, your reader will not read it. The best way of making sure that your press release grabs the reader and the right attention.

    Add the main keywords that provide valuable information to the reader.

  • Add a Boilerplate

    A boilerplate is a short paragraph about the company that is writing the press release. Here, add some independent background and information about who the company is and what it does. It is used as an introduction to the journalist.

  • Links with other Information Channels

    A press release is not only a single mode of information, and this is why relying solely on it will not be effective. Instead, adding links to other information channels is a better way of gaining engagement and driving the audience to the main news release.

  • A Newsworthy Angle

    All news sounds interesting at first, but it will not be newsworthy without a better angle. So once you compose the first draft, read it from the media’s perspective and find a bigger and better angle.

    What makes the news broader and larger than the company? Address this when writing the press release.

  • A Customized Pitch to the Journalist

    Instead of sending the same press release to all the journalists, sending a personalized one will be more effective. The businesses have to send the PRs to the journalists who specialize in similar topics.

    The email must be strong and with a compelling subject line.

  • Concrete Data and Observation

    When pitching the press with your news, some of them may ask more questions or arrange an interview to understand and know better. Many others would only gather the information from the press release and formulate their news story.

    Concrete and relevant information, commentary, and facts will maximize media coverage and help the journalist know the crucial facts.

  • Give a Reason to Care

    Any new product or service should be introduced to answer and solve any of the customer problems. Therefore, you must create a customer persona before creating a new product or introducing a new service.

    Avoid overly long descriptions with vague details. Instead, add important details and answers to the possible questions and concerns.

  • Compelling Details

    To engage the readers, add specific and important details of the story. For example, answer the WH questions; who, why, what, where, how, in your story. And create a visual image of how the story comes together. Adding sensory details helps in making the story lively and relatable.

  • Testimonials

    Customer testimonials are one of the most effective business tools and assets. Adding a customer testimonial is an excellent way of structuring and transforming your story into a piece of memorable and shareable news.

  • Expert Quotes

    No press release is complete without an expert quote. Having an expert and knowledgeable source speak about the topic will add credibility to your story. This will tell the readers that your story is dependable and real.

  • Thorough Research

    Research is the most time-consuming part of writing, and journalists have to spend considerable time digging out facts and formatting their news. To make it easier for them, add links to relevant sources that provide relevant and well-researched facts.

    The journalist would use them to build their story.

  • Excellent SEO and Interlinking

    When writing the press release, research the key phrases used to search your stories and add them. Besides, add links to your website and other social accounts to connect them with your press release. Moreover, promote your release on your social accounts.

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Press Release Example

Writing a press release could be hard, but with practice, you can do it successfully. When writing one, add important information like your company’s media contact information, office phone number, expected release date, and other release information.

This information will help the media outlets and news outlets contact you for further details or any concerns. Check a detailed press release example to learn about how to integrate these elements into a release.

To help you further, below is a sample press release.

pdf icon
Sample Press Release
pdf icon
Elements of a Great Book Press Release

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Tips to Write a Great Press Release

Writing a good press release is important if you do not want your release buried under the pile of newsworthy stories. To help you do it right, we have added some helpful press release writing tips below.

  • Add a newsworthy and compelling topic
  • Start your press release with a strong headline
  • Keep the press release short, concise, and clear
  • Include relevant and worthy quotes
  • Add multimedia; photos, infographics, videos, if relevant
  • Optimize it with relevant phrases and words
  • Add the main points and details in the first paragraph
  • Answer the 5 WH questions; why, what, where, when, and how
  • Write it in a news story style and keep the sentences short and simple
  • Do not forget to add contact information
  • Add call to action at the end of the press release

A press release helps companies and organizations in connecting with the media and the general public. However, adding the crucial elements is necessary o make sure that your press release delivers the expected results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good press release?

A good press release takes a factual tone and is short, concise, giving the journalist what they need to write their story. In addition, it follows the press release style guidelines for news content.

What are press releases used for?

A press release is like a tool for generating attention, making news, and gaining publicity. So, it should be factual, which can help create interest around any corporate announcements or achievements efficiently.

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